Magnet Genius Machine is the corporate training and workshop division of the Magnet Theater Training Center, an improv, storytelling and sketch comedy school located in the heart of NYC.

What We Do

Magnet Genius Machine offers workshops and custom shows for corporate clients, teams, and executives who wish to develop business skills including leadership, communication, teambuilding, and creative thinking. Our instructors are all highly skilled improvisers and performers with many years of experience in crafting a constructive and fun experience for all ages and experience levels.

Whether you want to improve your public speaking skills, learn how to craft your next sales pitch into a compelling story, develop a strong team bond, facilitate a more effective creative brainstorm, or simply give your team a fun afternoon, our corporate workshops and custom shows will deliver clear results. Read what our past clients have said about their experiences on our testimonials page.

Our Approach

  • We Emphasize Active Listening
    • To think fast, you have to slow down and listen – to your client, to your gut, and to each other. Improv is ‘listening training.’
  • “Yes, And”
    • All of our exercises harness the power of ‘Yes, And…’ This mutual agreement is the basic underlying structure of all good improvisation. We say “Yes” to each other’s ideas, and then build directly off that idea with “And…”
  • What’s With The ‘Genius’ Thing?
    • Make your partner (colleague, co-worker) look like a genius, and they will start doing and saying things that are, well, genius. When we begin with an attitude of support rather than criticism, creativity flourishes.