They did such a wonderful job, the team learned a lot apparently, except Scott, one of the engineers… It’s really a very bonding kind of thing and it was a great day and that’s why our show was so good today. Thank you Magnet Theater, everyone bonded.  –  Howard Stern – The Howard Stern Show

I can’t believe it, but y’all work miracles! Elana was AMAZING! She was quirky and hilarious yet professional and very very smart. She had us all laughing and on the floor acting like fools, it was great! After the Improv workshop we had another workshop and the spirit of making the other person look good stuck around. We ended the night with drinks and everyone was having a lot of fun, floating from space to space not just talking to their team. I just am so pleased with the ripples of all we did yesterday. And really at such an affordable price.  Just thank you from all of us!”   – Andrea Monson, Market Research Manager, Aetna

We had a great time at the Magnet Improv Workshop with Rick Andrews! We were motivated and engaged throughout the entire session and we came out with better ideas on how to communicate and work better as a team. We like to thank again Jocelyn, Rick and the team at Magnet for a great offering and we look forward to returning soon.   – Adrian Lim, Analyst, International Federation of Accountants

The Improv Training Class could not have gone better! My company has taken multiple teams to Magnet Theater for team building and to get employees comfortable with speaking their mind and speaking in public. The instructors were very enthusiastic and their leadership created a very fun and safe environment to explore the art of improv. We will continue to return to Magnet Theater for this unique and exciting learning experience!   – Eugene Ko, Manager, Digital Marketing and Communications, PhoCusWright

The Magnet Team provided a unique experience for our group that exceeded expectations in creating an environment that was both entertaining and collaborative. The creative modules that were leveraged provided an excellent springboard off of which the team will continue to build ideas.   –  Bentley King, Senior Brand Manager, Hellmann’s/Best Foods, Unilever

The Magnet Theater Team was amazing!! They motivated our staff through creative role playing that made the whole room smile. Their programming showed our team how to focus on delivering great customer experience while having a blast!   –  Cara Federici, VP Americas Operations, Cachet Hospitality Group

THANK YOU!  You guys were amazing and delivered the exact experience our team needed.  Your exercises really helped the team be more open, relaxed and truly feel the cohesiveness and camaraderie we’ve been seeking. I look forward to continuing the dialogue and building on these experiences which will no doubt bring great value to our team.” – Peter Rooney, General Manager – Ogilvy CommonHealth NANO     

I’m very impressed with the Magnet Theatre workshop program. Rick tailored the perfect two hour session for our group of seven. Rick presented the class in a clear and concise manner and broke down the exercises in a way that made it fun and applicable to real life. The group was terrified in the beginning but we soon warmed up and had a great time. We discovered new ways to access creativity, improved our public speaking and story telling, and best of all we laughed the entire time. I couldn’t think of a better way to bring a team together than the Magnet Theatre workshop!   – Tahnee Perry, Group Marketing Director, Northstar Travel Media

I truly had an amazing time and the team was overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement. Everyone was randomly popping in on each other doing our superhero poses and giggling with joy all day about how fun it was. Rick was an amazing facilitator and teacher – he was able to read our team perfectly and made everyone feel at ease. Everyone came to me quietly and said how they were really nervous at first, but within a few minutes they immediately felt comfortable and even excited to participate. We really enjoyed how Rick was able to tie in the fun of each game to valuable insights relatable to our office culture, brainstorming and problem solving techniques.   – Janeen Rabinowitz, Director, Operations & Administration, The F. B. Heron Foundation

The workshop went extremely well! The entire group had a blast and learnt a lot of techniques that we would like to apply to how we run our meetings.   – Neha Govil, Associate Brand Manager – Spreads, Unilever

Doing improv at the Magnet Theater was the best decision we made for a team bonding event. Our team retreat involved bringing together members from various teams and States and so some of us had never met each other in person. By the end of the event, everyone was so comfortable with each other and we were all laughing, supporting and encouraging each other. It was the perfect balance of team building and letting loose that we were looking for. I now have a new appreciation for Improv and have since gone to workshops with my friends and other co-workers. I’d highly recommend the Magnet Theatre to anyone looking for a team building exercise.  –  Nima Zahedi, Senior City Manager, Instacart

Wow! A dreaded team-building exercise transformed into an afternoon of fun improv. Hannah and Nick’s energy and enthusiasm in leading our workshop got everyone into the act—and gave us a much-needed new perspective. Now we have new skills, better communication, and a spike in mutual respect. We almost hired Brand X from out of town. We’re glad we decided to buy local.  –  Andrew Davidson, President, Andrew Davidson & Co


“Everyone absolutely loved the show and kept talking about it all day”  – Kate Brennan, Assoc. Product Marketing Manager, Google (custom Musical Improv show)

“The Improv session at Magnet Theater was what I’ll remember most about our Google offsite in New York.  There is no better way to get to know your colleagues than creative role playing in a judgement free zone.  Our instructor made everyone feel good about opening up to the group and the result was 3 hours of nonstop laughter.”  – Henry Kittle, Agency Account Strategist, Google

“The Improv session was the PERFECT way to bond with our team members and get to know each other on a deeper level. Everyone in the room was able to let loose and be themselves in a fun and safe environment. Of all the team bonding activities I’ve done over the years, this was by far the most effective. Can’t wait to go back!” – Julia Meter, Agency Account Strategist, Google

“I recently took part in an improv class at Magnet Theater, along with a group of Google employees. As a new hire, I arrived worried that I would need to be vulnerable around coworkers who I was just getting to know. I was right that we’d be vulnerable, but there was no need for concern. Our instructor put us at ease right away with a variety of physical gesture exercises. Once we were loosened up, he turned us into kids sneaking home from a night out, a couple that couldn’t quite break-up and everything in between. I was impressed with how creative my coworkers proved to be, and I’ve enjoyed my broader network back at the office!” – Marco Delaroche, Agency Account Strategist, Google

“I was totally terrified of the concept of improv before doing a work event at Magnet, but they made the experience fun and non-intimidating. It was the perfect way to get know new teammates and it really inspired me creatively! I’d absolutely do another workshop with Magnet.” – Peter Bock, Agency Account Strategist, Google