Workshops and Trainings

What is Applied Improvisation?

It’s Experiential Learning

By applying improvisational theater techniques and processes to non-theatrical settings, non-actors gain access to a fully developed yet flexible approach to working with each other, supporting each others’ ideas, and communicating with clarity and precision. And they have a great time doing it.

Is It Like “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”?

This isn’t about being funny. Or perfect. Or original. It’s not about coming in with fully formed ideas. It’s about group work, support, and building something together that ends up greater than the sum of its parts. We say, ‘Bring a brick, not a cathedral.’ And when every offer is supported, brick by brick, we build something amazing.

These workshops are filled with laughs, but the humor doesn’t come from jokes, rather it comes from spontaneity and the honest moment to moment surprises when participants are fully engaged, and tasked with making each other look good.

What We Offer

We offer workshops and trainings in the following key areas:

Applied Improvisation for Business

Creative Ideation and Brainstorming Skills

Applied Storytelling for Corporate Communication

Corporate Team Building Workshops

The Results

After our workshops, clients typically report:

  • Improved teamwork across departments
  • Improved confidence among sales reps
  • More creative problem solving
  • Increased feeling of mutual support
  • Improved conference call skills
  • Faster and smoother idea generation
  • More confidence speaking up in meetings
  • Better body language awareness
  • Improved active listening among colleagues
  • Greater ability to take risks
  • ‘Being heard’ better in meetings
  • Better and shorter meetings
  • “We had such a great time!”