Applied Storytelling for Corporate Communication

Stories are tools we use to make sense of the world.  Stories have a profound impact on us because they engage different parts of our brains at the same time, generating a web of new emotional and logical connections in our mind.  We use stories to educate, persuade, convey our values and bring us together. Crafting a good story and telling it well are skills that can be learned and practiced.

Applied Storytelling is taking those skills and utilizing them to improve communication, presentation, leadership, and overall professional development. Participants will develop stories around a theme in a supportive and collaborative environment.  They will learn to apply techniques to clarify story moments, use structure to reinforce the main point, and add detail in strategic ways to make their story more memorable. The facilitator-led debrief of their performance, along with specific adjustments detailed by the instructor, allows participants to learn from themselves, and each other, as they break habitual communication modes and avoid common traps.

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